Notice 2017


Based on her work in this lecture, Lys Egholm Andersen submitted the following paper to the IEICE General Conference which will be held in Tokyo Denki University during 20-23 March 2018. WELL DONE!

Lys Egholm Andersen, Zilu Liang, Kumiko Morimura. A Web Application for Analyzing Stress Association Factors Among Students. IEICE General Conference 2018.

#We encourage all students to polish up your work into a paper or a biz plan.

2017/12/05 Some upcoming events of your interest

Biz Competitions/Events
Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC 2018) (Application deadline: 29 Jan 2018) (Japanese/English)
Microsoft Imagine Cup (Deadline: 18 Feb 2018 ) (Japanese/English)
SLUSH Tokyo 2018 (Mar 28-29) is looking for volunteers! (English)

Academic Conferences
IEICE Annual Conference 2018 (Mar 20-23) @ Tokyo (Submission due: 10 Jan 2018) (Japanese/English, 1 page)
IEEE Social Media 2018 (June 11-12) @ Scotland, UK (Submission due: 26 Jan 2018) (English)
ACM MobileHCI 2018 (Sep 3-6) @ Barcelona, Spain (submission due: 9 Feb 2018, SIGCHI Student Travel Grant)) (English)

All students in the lecture received a Fitbit this week. They can now use the gear to explore the patterns of their physical activities, heart rate, and sleep. In the second half of the semester, students will use the Fitbit and the collected data to test and debug the cloud-based web app that they are going to develop. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Happy tracking and coding!

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